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White Fillings in London

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Optimal Grade Composite Fillings
Small fillings £160
Medium fillings £235
Large fillings from £280

Pall Mall Dental Group is committed to strengthening your teeth with durable and natural looking restorations. Your smile should be a picture of health. Amalgam fillings spoil that smile and even weaken your tooth structure.

If you have any amalgam fillings, you will appreciate just how ‘unnatural’ they look. Amalgam is 50% mercury and has a silver or black appearance. It bears no resemblance to your natural tooth, and is highly visible when you laugh or smile.

At Pall Mall Dental Group, we utilise tooth-coloured restorations that give you a natural smile. Tooth coloured materials are more biocompatible than metal amalgam fillings and offer a far more robust finish. We offer two kinds of tooth-coloured restorations at Pall Mall Dental Group:-

  • Composite resin
    Our tooth-coloured fillings are composed of high strength optimum quality composites
  • Ceramic
    These are laboratory-made ceramic fillings of the highest quality and as such come with a 5-year guarantee

In our consultation with you, it will be discussed which option is most suitable to your situation. Many patients now request that we remove their amalgam fillings and replace them with ceramic tooth-coloured restorations. The changes are so significant to the end result of their smile. This simple procedure is a fantastic way to enhance your smile!

If you would like to know more about replacing your existing amalgam fillings, please contact us on 020 7766 7150 to book in for a comprehensive examination with our Award Winning Dentists.

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Experience our Jet Spray polish

This system brilliantly gives you an instantly whiter smile without bleaching!

Jet Spray Polish
just £118

Walk-in Hygienist visits from £78...

Complimentary Fresh Breath Clinic with all Dental Hygiene treatments

Our super friendly Hygienists are highly recommended as seen by our glowing reviews!

My teeth feel so fresh! Did not believe they could look this good until I saw your hygienist, Gaby Great tips for cleaning too. T. Day
Great Staff! Just saw your wonderful hygienist and feel fully pampered! Nicole Ivashenko
Squeaky clean practice, superfriendy staff! I was recommended by a friend and I can say the Dentists and Hygienists here really care to treat and listen to you as an individual. R Needham
Lovely receptionist Johanna and exceptional treatment from my Dentist Kaushal and his amazing Hygienist Charlotte! J Knightly
Reputation Reviews
New walk-in Hygiene and Dental Patients welcome! Call 020 7766 7150 now book online now

(Our treatments may be covered by your insurance provider – Please contact for details on 020 7766 7150)


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