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Pall Mall Dental
Pall Mall Dental
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Fees correct as of June 2024

Dental Examinations
New patient adult Dental Examination and 2 x-rays £80.00
Routine Dental Examination and 2 x-rays £60.00
Child Dental Examination and 2 x-rays £30.00
Emergency Consultation £130.00
Small intra oral X-ray £12.00 (each)
Panoramic X-ray £70.00
Cone Beam CT scan- single arch £175.00
Cone Beam CT scan- both arches £350.00
Hygiene sessions (Per visit)
Quick Smile £88.00
Super Clean £95.00
Ultraclean £125.00
Teeth Whitening
Home Whitening Kit £415.00
In-Office Laser Whitening £590.00
Combined Whitening £715.00
Composite (White) Fillings
Small £160.00
Medium £260.00
Large from £310.00
Root Canal Treatment
Anterior Teeth (per tooth) £640.00
Pre-Molar Teeth (per tooth) £690.00
Molar Teeth (per tooth) £790.00
Re-root Canal Treatment quoted upon assessment.
Crowns, Inlays, Bridges and Veneers
Crown bonded to metal £865.00 per tooth
Full Ceramic Crown from £965.00 per tooth
Inlays from £965.00 per tooth
Bridge from £865.00 per tooth
Porcelain Veneers from £990.00 per tooth
Direct Composite Veneers from £440.00 per tooth
Teeth Extractions
Routine Extraction from £210.00 per tooth
Surgical Extractions from £300.00 per tooth
Implants – Nobel and Dentsply Sirona (Ankylos, Astra, PrimeTaper, OmniTaper)
Dental Implant and Crown from £3100.00 per tooth
Dental Implant only from £1515.00 per tooth
Implant Porcelain crown only from £955.00 per tooth
Customised abutment (post) from £630.00
Bone graft (from intra oral site) from £1450.00
Sinus Lift from £720.00
Soft Tissue Grafting from £550.00
Guided bone regeneration from £550.00
Socket preservation from £550.00
Same day teeth – Per Jaw (Including Definitive Bridge) from £15,950.00
Orthodontic treatment
Invisalign from £1900 - £6250
Spark Aligners from £1800 to £5750
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