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"I've been going here for several years now. An excellent dental practice. They are very skilled and caring, and they don't pressure you to get treatments or procedures that you don't need. Their advice or guidance is always on point. Recommended for anything from cleaning to more complex procedures."

Pall Mall Dental

At Pall Mall Dental Group our Award Winning Team of US and UK qualified Dentists and Hygienists are trained in making your life as pleasant as possible.

We understand that you as a patient may have a fear of the dentist and this can stem from a direct result of bad treatment in the past, possibly even as far back as childhood!

We aim to reassure you, as a patient, that you are in capable hands and that we are more than happy just to sit down with you and chat about any problems you may have. In fact, our surgeries are equipped with separate seating areas tailored to this very requirement!

We like to try a gentle approach and appreciate it can take time to build up courage for treatment. Don’t worry! We like to feel that we can walk this road together and ultimately aim to provide you with any treatment you require in a most relaxed setting.

As a new member of our dental family, you've chosen a practice that prioritises your oral health and comfort. At Pall Mall Dental, our dedicated team of professionals are passionate about delivering personalised and high-quality dental services. From routine check-ups to advanced treatments, our range of services is tailored to meet your unique needs. Our modern and comfortable facility is designed to enhance your dental experience, ensuring a positive and stress-free visit.

Full mouth tooth assessment

Gum assessment

Extraoral assessment

Soft tissue and cancer check

2 small X-Rays

Discussion of treatment options and costs

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