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Fissure Sealants in London

We all know the benefits of FISSURE SEALANTS on kids but the latest treatments in modern clinics are aimed specifically at Adults!

There’s now overwhelming positive evidence on the advantages of FISSURE SEALANTS in preventative dentistry for adults.

Nowadays due to an overwhelming number of so called healthy drinks on the market that are stacked with sugars including smoothies , milkshakes and yogurt drinks and also carbonated drinks ( fizzy drinks) including fizzy water , Acid erosion has made a stealthy comeback especially as so many healthy fruit and fruit drink options contain these enamel damaging elements.

Caries can also occur no matter how well you brush as tiny tooth particles and bacteria that cause tooth decay inflict damage to the any tiny pits and fissures on the tooth surface.

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What Are Fissure Sealents?

They are a plastic like protective barrier much like a ‘false fingernail’ simply added to the tooth surface by your Hygienist or Dentist in a few seconds that forms a barrier to the damaging bacteria that cause tooth decay.

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How Are They Applied?

Your Hygienist or Dentist can apply Fissure Sealants in just a few moments ( often seconds!)

The tooth is cleaned and prepared before the FISSURE SEALANT is applied.

A specialised UV Light is then used to set the Sealant immediately forming a plastic like barrier to any food or bacteria that cause tooth decay . Nothing is simpler or more effective!

Like a standard filling they can last for many years and importantly can prevent the need for expensive treatments down the road.

Most FISSURE SEALANTS that were administered in childhood would have worn out after on average 10 years so the benefits of new ones in adulthood is insurmountable.

Prevention Better Than Cure

It’s a win : win situation against acid erosion and the need for expensive fillings down the road!

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