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Zoom Whitening in London

This is conducted by your Dentist in the surgery using our State of the Art Advanced Power Zoom Light. We use the latest laser light on the market which is proven to be much more effective than any previous products.

The gel along with the light oxidises the impure particles on the teeth and lifts up all the staining hence, lightening the teeth. This latest Advanced Zoom light is proven to be completely safe and is not harmful at all to the teeth.

There is no harm to the enamel and its safety is clinically proven.

Zoom whitens the teeth up to 8 shades but this is dependent on your lifestyle, e.g. whether you drink red wine, coloured food or smoke at all and it is dependent on the original colour of your teeth of course!

Please come to see your Dentist and he/she will advise you how well it will work for you, as everyone is different!

Zoom gives you an instant Whitening effect of up to 8 shades in one dental visit ! Your Dentist is in complete control of the lightning process and it is able to tailor it to your requirements.

The effects of the whitening process vary person to person and your Dentist will explain this to you in your CONSULTATION.

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